S02E02: On-screen representations of academic education

In this episode:

Dr Zahra Tavassoli Zea discusses on-screen representations of academic education.

  • Early universities that were modelled according to a democratic system
  • The role of cinema in developing a certain “image” of universities
  • Positive depictions of students at universities
  • Representations of Human science studies

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One thought on “S02E02: On-screen representations of academic education

  1. Yes! Fantastic episode, well done. To quickly add, that 50% funding cut to arts subjects in higher education is coming after many universities have already restructured due to funding issues caused by Brexit and Covid. It is usually the case that humanities, and especially arts subjects, are top of the list for University senior management when it comes to restructuring, merging and making redundancies. So yes, the arts have already been hit hard, and this 50% funding cut proposal is a very worrying cherry on top of this cake. I’ll end on a high note by congratulating you on an amazing episode and can’t wait for part 2!

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