Independent Academics

Are we living in a post-academic age? As the university system becomes increasingly fragmented and under-funded, many academics may be feeling that Higher Education, especially in the Humanities, is slowly being eroded and even systematically destroyed. Can it be repaired, and if not, how will research be conducted and disseminated?

Many new academics (awarded their doctorate since 2015) are still on temporary teaching contracts, if they manage to find a job at all. The market is flooded, and with more researchers than job posts, there is a plethora of knowledge and discussion which is at risk of never being heard. Whilst independent academics may attend and even present their work at conferences, without a university affiliation it is difficult to gain recognition. An inherent elitism is present in the system which leaves independent researchers without access to materials and facilities, and their contributions to their field overlooked.

Here on Spot On, Doc we believe in taking control and disseminating not just our own research, but knowledge of the field in general. We are focusing on the pursuit of truth as a free agent detached from the authority of academic institutions. We want to disperse and encourage work based on its own merit, and not on the institution in which you work. Cultivating an egalitarian approach to knowledge is key to society’s success, and in the field of film and media, it starts here. 

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