Dr Ann-Marie Fleming

Dr Ann-Marie Fleming is an experienced researcher and the founder and host of Spot On, Doc.


Dr Ann-Marie Fleming is an independent researcher and published author who specialises in the relationship between commercial branding and film stardom. Her journal article, ‘Because it’s the truth: authenticating Chanel through celebrity death and fan magazines’ (2019), focuses on the ways in which a consumer brand can enhance its own authenticity and longevity by featuring Marilyn Monroe in its marketing.

Ann-Marie’s interest in cinema, or more importantly, branding and its relationship with movies, can be aligned with her early fascination with the Walt Disney Company. As a child, Disney’s MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) was a place of wonder and of complete immersion into a world of film. The visceral and tangible experience of Disney’s theme park constructed an affinity to thinking about how we perceive and experience film. Disney, whom build story narratives into queue lines and present hyper-real façades, completely subsume a guest into not only American film culture, but also into Disney’s brand. As a result, Ann-Marie’s analytical interest in film is centred on this question: what is being presented/represented and how does this film/company want me to think?  

Before completing her thesis, Ann-Marie worked as a research assistant for a university’s internal funding body, organising a plethora of research panels for a diverse array of Humanities departments. Additionally, she has previously organised a film season to showcase female film talent in the Hollywood Studio System in order to widen discussion beyond a male-centric understanding of American cinema.

PhD in Film Studies

“Hollywood Undead: The Posthumous Star as Commercial and Consumer Product” (2019). Supervised by Dr. Tamar Jeffers McDonald and Prof. Peter Stanfield.


  • Fleming, Ann-Marie (2019), “Taking Care of Elvis: British Fandom in Elvis Monthly, 1960-1967” in Star Attractions: Twentieth Century Movie Magazines and Global Fandom, ed. Tamar Jeffers McDonald and Lies Lanckman, 185-197. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press.
  • Fleming, Ann-Marie (2019), “Because it’s the truth: authenticating Chanel through celebrity death and fan magazines”, Celebrity Studies, 10:3, 320-331.
  • Fleming, Ann-Marie (2017), “A Little Less Hollywood: the spatial and narrative construction of Elvis at the O2”, Celebrity Studies, 10:2, 305-308.

Teaching Experience

  • Film Theory. Content included: Realism, Soviet Montage Theory, Feminist Film Theory, Auteur Theory, Genre Theory, Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Theory, Post-Colonial Theory, National Cinema, and Digital Cinema.
  • Film Style. Content included: Narrative, Mise-en-scene, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound.
  • Film Histories (National Silent Cinema). Content included:  French Impressionism, German Expressionism, British, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, and American.
  • Hollywood Studios. Content included: The Formation of Hollywood, Production, Distribution, Exhibition, Genre, Studio Star System, Studio Style, and Film Technology in the Early 20th Century.
  • Post-war American Cinema. Content included: New Hollywood, Blaxploitation, The Blockbuster, Sequels, Serials, The Nostalgia Film, Gender Representation, Class Representation, Race Representation, and Independent American Cinema. 
  • Mature Women On-Screen. (forthcoming)
  • Bollywood Women: Stardom, Performance and the Construction of Gender. (forthcoming)
  • Representations of Femininity in Contemporary Independent American Cinema. (forthcoming)

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