Spot On, Doc is a podcast and website which seeks to make film and media analysis available to everyone. In today’s current media-dominated landscape, we believe that media literacy is becoming an increasingly important skill. However, media is not a compulsory subject in various education systems around the World, and thus many people are not equipped with the tools and knowledge to understand the ways in which the media impacts how individuals think, evaluate, and understand society.

The Spot On, Doc team wants to change this by giving everyone the opportunity to access theories and academic discussions which are both easy to understand and enriching for the audience. Our podcast will always be free, offering the listener the opportunity to learn about various topics and gain a new critical insight into film and media.

The team is comprised of experienced researchers with both academic publications and extensive teaching experience in film and media. More than a simple network, our team is made of friends that all share a common trait: they want to make their academic expertise accessible to the general public and, despite life’s complexities and economic hardship, continue to be dreamers.

We believe that the free dissemination of knowledge allows us to contribute to building a more egalitarian, benevolent, happier and therefore freer future.

Dr Zahra Tavassoli Zea

Meet the Team

Dr Ann-Marie Fleming

Specialist in American cinema, stardom, and representations of women on-screen.

Dr Katerina Flint-Nicol

Specialist in British cinema, the horror genre, and representations of masculinity on-screen.

Dr Zahra Tavassoli Zea

Specialist in French cinema, film adaptations, and authorship.

Oana-Maria Mazilu

Specialist in Romanian cinema, Hollywood, and politics and film.

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