Will Sherwood

Will Sherwood is an experienced researcher and is a frequent contributor on Spot On, Doc.

Hailing from Cornwall, Will Sherwood is an independent scholar who specialises in British Romanticism, fantasy, and J.R.R. Tolkien. His Masters by Research thesis fused both of these fields together under the title The ‘Romantic Faëry’: Keats, Tolkien, and the Perilous Realm. Having presented elements at conferences, the thesis is now being edited for publication. Keen to strengthen the research being carried out on Tolkien’s Romantic connection, Will is also co-editing a new Walking Tree volume with Dr Julian Eilmann. Called The Romantic Spirit in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien, the volume promotes new voices that examine how Tolkien reappropriated Romanticism for the twentieth-century.

Having presented at the UK Tolkien Society’s Tolkien 2019 conference, Will subsequently joined the committee as the Education Secretary. His work consists of supporting student engagement with Tolkien’s life and work while organising the Tolkien Reading Day on 25th March. An additional key component involves arranging the Society’s annual seminar. However, thanks to the overwhelming success of the 2020 seminar that was transmitted to over 400 attendees across 37 countries, in 2021 the Society will be hosting multiple online seminars for free to all.

Besides his academic work, Will teaches English and Music teacher in a secondary school in Kent. He loves nothing more than fusing his love of literature and music together by working with choirs and musical theatre groups in the county.

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